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Eurotranspharma provides extra mile services to healthcare manufacturer beyond last mile delivery

The GDP pharmaceutical courier service took on extra responsibility to allow their partner Siemens Healthineers to focus on their core business in Belgium.

Summary: What has been solved?

Siemens Healthineers application specialists were spending hundreds of hours on onsite inventory verification procedures in collaboration with their recipient clients (laboratories and hospitals). Eurotranspharma offered to take on these stock counting responsibilities as part of their last mile healthcare delivery service.

The idea was to leverage Eurotranspharma’s existing relationship with the laboratories and hospitals to expedite the inventory verification process and allow Siemens Healthineers teams to focus on their primary responsibilities.


Siemens Healthineers, a German multinational health technology manufacturer with an expertise in in-vitro and in-vivo diagnostics


To take over and streamline the client’s onsite inventory responsibilities from end-to-end for over 30 hospitals and laboratories


A bespoke stock counting service to help Siemens Healthineers increase the efficiency of their own staff, adhere to legal obligations, and reduce travel costs

The Situation:

Healthcare manufacturers have a legal and operational obligation to perform inventory verification procedures 1 to 2 times per year. This allows manufacturers to have a transparent overview of their stock held onsite at their recipient clients’ facilities, and allows them to document incomplete orders, potentially damaged stock, or any other inventory deviations .

The Challenge:

For Siemens Healthineers in Belgium, their application specialists were losing hundreds of hours per year on organising visits to their recipient clients (hospitals and laboratories), traveling, stock counting, and reporting the data. They wanted to free up this time to allow their application specialists to invest more in their core projects. They approached Eurotranspharma, their current last mile supply chain partner in Belgium, to ask if they could customise a stock counting solution for them.

The Team:

To respond to this tailor-made request, Eurotranspharma assembled a team of Key Account Managers, Client Service representatives, Drivers, Quality experts, Financial experts, and Planning managers into a project team. These team members worked together for 3 months in collaboration with the client’s representatives to develop from scratch and then implement the eventual solution.

Eurotranspharma’s Approach:

The Eurotranspharma team in collaboration with Healthineers representatives developed a work order detailing the exact actions that needed to be taken in order to execute the inventory verification procedures at abou 30 locations throughout Belgium.

Eurotranspharma leveraged the existing relationship they already had with the hospitals and laboratories to expedite the appointment making process with each client. They then selected and extensively trained a team of drivers who were already familiar with the client’s stock to carry out the detailed work order.

Each dedicated driver spends 2 full weeks out of the year performing their stock counting duties. They visit each hospital or lab and input accurate stock numbers on an average of 300 references per facility, cross-checking serial numbers and comparing counts to previous years. The Planning team optimizes the routes of the drivers and covers the staffing gap to ensure uninterrupted service for other clients during that key period.

Eurotranspharma has been performing this service for 3 years, and takes a continuous improvement approach to this service as it does to all activities. There are regular meetings with Siemens Healthineers to ensure satisfaction of service, and procedures are reviewed and revised on a regular basis to optimise operations.

The Outcome

Eurotranspharma developed and optimised a bespoke stock counting service for Siemens Healthineers to help them increase the efficiency of their own staff, adhere to legal obligations, and reduce travel costs. The last mile pharmaceutical courier leveraged its existing network and relationship with end clients to streamline the process and provide added value to allow the manufacturer to focus on their core business. Eurotranspharma went the extra mile.

“Overall, we are very satisfied with Eurotranspharma's services for our annual stock count and would recommend this company for this type of service.”

Kathy MorfitisLogistics Teamleader

“At Eurotranspharma, we strive to be more than transporter. We know that we are the face of our healthcare manufacturer clients to their end recipient clients, and this is a role we take very seriously. We deliver to pharmacies, hospitals, veterinarians, doctors, and more every single day, and therefore are well positioned to offer extra mile services such as inventory counting, VIP deliveries, and certified secure consignee delivery.”

Benoît LatteurCEO Eurotranspharma

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