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Urgent deliveries

Being a partner more than a supplier means to be ready to support your activity with ups and downs. In a lot of situations planning is not enough, and you have to take action very quickly. We can support you.

Part of being a partner in the healthcare supply chain is being ready for any emergency. As part of our standard service, we optimise our transport plan to be able to deal with unexpected shipments.

Your emergency, our priority

Sometimes, our standard next day delivery service (available both domestically and internationally within a certain kilometer range) is not fast enough. Your products are urgently needed in certain locations, and you need to get them there as fast as possible.

To meet your specific needs, we can offer you GDP Express dedicated services. From 1 parcel to a Full Truck Load (FTL) we can offer same day pickup and delivery (if the distance is possible in such a short time).

This bespoke service relies on a very responsive team dedicated to express services.

Your products will have a dedicated vehicle from pick-up to delivery:

  • Dedicated pick-up with appointment
  • Dedicated delivery with appointment
  • Special instructions to your driver in accordance with your needs
  • Provision of proof of delivery

Our urgent delivery service is available on domestic markets and is also possible for cross border shipments.

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We deliver to all types of healthcare consignee

Wherever your healthcare products are needed, we can get them there. Every day, we deliver to various types of healthcare consignee with an experienced team. Our expertise, experience, and reliable tools allow us to create a real collaboration with your end customers, meeting their specific needs. As always, our active temperature-controlled vehicles ensure the integrity of your products from your warehouses to the end consignees. We monitor every shipment in real time thanks to position tracking and onboard temperature monitoring.

Wholesalers – a matter of precision

Healthcare wholesalers have tight deadlines and high standards of quality. At Eurotranspharma, we ensure that the products are safe, secured, and kept at the right temperature from the warehouse to the wholesale facility. Delivery within strict time constraints or by appointment is part of our wholesaler offer.

Direct to Pharmacy/Hospital delivery – your face to your clients

Our teams are trained to deliver healthcare professional consignees, adapting to their constraints and specific organisation. We deliver to hospitals, pharmacies, doctor offices, veterinarians, and more. Our mindset is undeniably driven by our public health mission. We know that at the end of the chain, there is a patient.

Direct to Patient delivery – the very last mile

The health market is evolving fast, introducing new treatments, more involvement from patients, and more and more healthcare at home. We monitor the changes in the market closely and are ready to adapt our services to meet new requirements. We have developed a “consignee certification” process to deliver safely to patients in certain circumstances. We work hand in hand with manufacturers and health authorities to ensure the patient’s safety.

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