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Eurotranspharma has developed a proactive strategy to ensure sustainable development. Our target is to reduce carbon emission and increase carbon capture/absorption to reach –40% carbon footprint by 2030. The company is proud to be ECOVADIS certified and aims at receiving an ISO 14001 certificate.

As part of the Walden Group, we are now a member of the UN Global compact to reduce our social and environmental impact. Eurotranspharma has also signed the Objectif CO2 pledge, a commitment program dedicated to reducing CO2 emissions in road transport operators.

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  • We have based our transport solutions on active temperature control that is demonstrated to have a climate impact up to four times lower than passive temperature control.
  • We invest in biogas trucks – eco-friendly transport equipment
  • We have compared the efficiency between manual or automatic gearbox and selected the most ecological compromise.
  • We also do a regular renewal of the fleet, ensuring state-of-the-art efficient technology. We also highly invest in scrupulous monitoring of vehicle maintenance to avoid over-consumption and accidents.
  • Our use of PDAs instead of paper delivery manifests has reduced paper consumption in the company by 1/3.

The green miles are the ones never driven

With our state-of-the-art, tailor-made Transport Management System (TMS), we can optimise our overall transport plan to operate full trucks as often as possible. Additionally, we have invested in dual-temperature vehicles to optimise full-truckload deliveries with goods that require different temperatures. Both these technologies prevent us from sending two trucks when one is enough.

We also offer flexible delivery services where our clients can opt to receive their goods a little later and in the process lower their carbon footprint. With our TMS, we plan our deliveries with a margin that allows space for both emergencies and flexible delivery orders, making sure that we do not send out unnecessary trucks.

Sustainability is more than the tools we use, it is in our culture

At Eurotranspharma, sustainability is part of our company culture. We have many different types of eco-awareness campaigns in place throughout the organisation, including waste separation, energy optimisation, and ecological driving practices. Each agency has a nominated driving instructor responsible for the training of the other drivers in eco-friendly driving practices.

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