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About us

What we do and why

At Eurotranspharma, our vocation is to transport medicines and medical devices to your customers in total security. We provide last mile healthcare distribution services in 8 countries with our own fleet and collaborate with our partner network to offer you a total coverage of 26 countries.

Eurotranspharma strives to be your best-in-class European partner for healthcare solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and diagnostic industries. We offer outsourcing services along your supply chain, global transport and last mile distribution, active logistics for temperature regulation and value added services.

Since 2011, Eurotranspharma has specialised in last mile distribution of healthcare products in active temperature-controlled environments (2°C/8 °C and 15°C/25 °C across our network, and -20° C in certain regions). We are fully GDP compliant, from our vehicles to the continuous training of our collaborators. Our focus is delivering you the highest quality service. We pay particular attention to the safety of your products, relying on customised tools that guarantee precise track & trace capabilities and the insurance of a preserved cold chain. We know that at the end of your supply chain, there is a patient waiting.

The Vision of Eurotranspharma

“Our vision is to develop and maintain a specialised and dedicated transport network interconnecting the actors of the pharmaceutical supply chain. As a client of Eurotranspharma, you benefit from the experience of a leading international group in healthcare logistics.  We believe that the training and respect of our staff is the best guarantee to follow the procedures and to maintain the performance and quality level.”

“We offer you personalised last mile delivery service from the shippers’ warehouses to hospitals, wholesalers, pharmacies, doctors, analysis laboratories, health centers and patients in all European territories. We believe that this personalisation is the best way to build a mutually beneficial partnership. To maintain the highest level of service for you, we know that full control and transparency are essential. We validate all materials and technology before its use. We systematically audit our subcontractors, who are all trusted.  They share the same vision and the same values.”

“We see IT as a powerful support, essential to the follow-up of our activities and guaranteeing you full visibility of our operations in real time. Finally, we are very concerned by the challenge of climate change. We want to leave a clean earth for future generations. We are looking for every means to reduce our carbon impact in the most rational, pragmatic and determined way. We believe in our own capability to adapt and be part of the climate solution.”

Benoît Latteur, CEO Eurotranspharma

Learn more about what we do:

Domestic Last Mile Distribution

Eurotranspharma offers local expertise in last mile distribution in 8 countries with our active temperature-controlled vehicles. We offer the highest standard services thanks to an in-house fleet of 1 600 GDP compliant vehicles and a network of 54 Hubs and cross docks facilities.

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International Last Mile Distribution

Eurotranspharma is a founding member of a strategic alliance of healthcare transport companies in Europe, our partner network. This network allows us to cover 26 countries in total and is comprised of more than 4 500 GDP compliant vehicles and more than 14 million shipments/year.

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Urgent Deliveries

Eurotranspharma offers a standard next day delivery service in all regions. This is a great service option for those looking to combine speed and affordability.

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Direct to Patient Deliveries

Adapting to the health market’s evolution and wherever the local regulation allows us to, we can deliver healthcare products directly to patients. We have developed a highly secured process to ensure the delivery of the right product to the right person at the right time.

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