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Last Mile Logistics in Healthcare: Going the Extra Mile

At Eurotranspharma, our commitment to excellence extends far beyond traditional temperature-controlled transportation services at the last mile.

We believe that we make a difference in our client’s life by transcending the typical expectations and standard services.

We add value to your healthcare supply chain. We go the extra mile.

What we mean by Extra Mile

Every day, we strive to mean something extra to our customers, from proactive order follow-ups to stock counts. Our drivers are more than just drivers, and their job is more than just delivering packages; it’s delivering healthcare.

At the end of the chain, there’s a patient waiting, and that motivates us to go the extra mile.

Extra Mile Services in last mile delivery for healthcare

On-Delivery Services

Direct-to-Patient Delivery (DtP)   

Client Consultancy Services

Customised Solutions

On-Delivery Services

Our drivers are already well-aware that they are the vital connection between healthcare manufacturers and their healthcare professional clients. They go the extra mile by answering queries from clients, providing valuable information, and ensuring a seamless experience throughout the transportation process.

Our GDP-trained drivers can go even further, by providing formal value-added services to connect you to your end clients.

They can perform on-delivery extra mile services such as:

  • Healthcare Professional Surveys: Gathering feedback on your behalf to enhance your knowledge of your healthcare professional customers and their needs.
  • Adaptation to Local Delivery Environments: Carrying boxes to different buildings, up stairs, to specific areas, our drivers are available to do it all.
  • Depalletizing and Pallet Return Services: Helping end customers unpack and dispose of used pallets in a sustainable manner.

Direct-to-Patient Delivery (DtP)

While this service may not be widely available due to varying healthcare legislation in different regions, Eurotranspharma is keeping up with the trends of the market and is ready to deploy direct-to-patient delivery under highly secured circumstances.

We have already successfully tested and implemented a consignee certification system based on unique QR codes that makes sure that any patient that receives medicine from our drivers is the right person to receive it. Read more about this consignee certification solution on our Specific Services (Direct-to-Patient) page.

Client Consultancy Services

As your on-the-ground healthcare and pharma transport partner, we experience daily your supply chain set up, and your clients ‘expectations and specificities. This allows us to potentially recommend optimisations and advise you on how best to structure your last mile logistics operations.

We offer Gemba walks, audit support, and consultancy packages to help you understand and optimise the crucial last mile of your healthcare supply chain.

Customised Solutions

We created our extra mile services because we know that one size does not fit all in healthcare transport. And we continue to be open to our clients’ requests, no matter how out-of-the-box. We believe in collaborative solutions, working closely with you to address your challenges and deliver a healthcare transport service that goes beyond expectations.

Past actions speak for themselves. Learn more about our custom solutions capabilities through a success story from Siemens Healthineers, for whom we provided a tailor-made stock counting service on site for multiple end clients to ensure smart replenishment.

Choose Eurotranspharma for Unparalleled Extra Mile Services

When you choose Eurotranspharma, you’re not just selecting a healthcare last mile delivery partner, you’re choosing a dedicated team committed to excellence. Experience the difference of our extra mile services as we strive to make a positive impact on temperature-controlled transportation for healthcare and pharma industries.

Contact us today to discuss how we can go the extra mile for your healthcare and pharma last mile distribution needs.

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