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Safety & security

Traceability, a strategic asset in healthcare distribution

Healthcare products are fragile, of high value, existing in a very limited quality, or potentially dangerous, and always require special attention. Our vehicles are equipped with geolocation technology and temperature traceability monitoring devices, allowing us to track your shipment in real time from pick up to drop off. Simultaneously, we have developed a control tower system to actively monitor the temperature of every shipment 24 hours a day, from shipper to consignee, so that healthcare products are kept at the proper temperature to ensure quality and safety for the end patient. We have robust processes in place to deal with deviations in temperature, and temperature reporting is always available.

Security features

Eurotranspharma's entire network is equipped with safety measures aimed to improve cargo security. An example of this is at a Eurotranspharma hub in Paris where in 2016 we installed a burglar alarm system, high-performance access control to the depot, and the positioning of 36 surveillance cameras. Our vehicles are equipped with traceability monitoring and efficient safety devices, are theftproof and kept sealed in between our depots and the final destination of the shipments.

Transport of sensitive products

We have trained staff and the logistic capacity to transport sensitive or controlled substances. Our vehicles are equipped with high performance safety devices and our staff are specially trained in the handling and transport of these products.
When received into a depot, sensitive products are tracked and separated, then put in a restricted area. All our safety features are audited by local health authorities and comply with regulatory standards for controlled products.

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