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Eurotranspharma, the largest European temperature controlled network dedicated to healthcare products with 54 agencies and hubs in Europe.

Staff trained in Good Distribution Practices

All teammates including 1,200 drivers have been trained in good pharmaceutical distribution practices (GDP) and are regularly re-trained to ensure continuous process control guarantying an optimal level of
safety for healthcare products.

Traceability at the heart of quality processes

Throughout our network, we guarantee full traceability of temperature-controlled shipments at 15-25° and 2-8°. We have set up a control centre where we receive continuous temperature information directly from the probes installed in the vehicles. Our drivers also have this information at their disposal thanks to the on-board equipment and check the temperature of the various refrigerated compartments at each stop. The actions are documented and available during quality audits.

When vehicles are in circulation, strict processes are adhered to ensure that the cold chain is respected. Particular attention is paid to loading and unloading procedures. Our vehicles are equipped with active technologies to maintain temperatures during stops, especially when making multiple deliveries to hospitals.

Thanks to our online tracking tools, the laboratory or the shipper can at any time consult the position of its shipments and receive temperature readings on request.

Eurotranspharma innovates in terms of traceability with the “Consignee certification”.

For some years now, Eurotranspharma has been developing direct-to-patient delivery services, whether the need is controlled or non-temperature-controlled medication, we can ensure that the delivery is secure and accurate.

We have developed a hypercare process whose objective is to guarantee and certify delivery to the right recipient: “Consignee Certification”. We use a validation process based on sending a unique code to the recipient, which he must present to the driver in return for his delivery.

This is particularly important for sensitive Direct to Patient deliveries.

With this process, we further raise the quality level of our services and provide healthcare professionals and patients with solutions at the highest level of traceability.

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