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Quality Management

With our experience as a carrier dedicated to health products for more than 10 years, Eurotranspharma is well aware of the responsibilities we hold when it comes to delivering the highest quality of service. Here are some of the ways in which we guarantee our level of quality:

Quality Management System

To integrate our processes and actions and ensure smooth operations for our clients, Eurotranspharma relies on a strong Quality Management System. The QMS integrates document management, qualification, the management of non-conformities, deviations and corrective actions (CAPA), change control, a documented training program, subcontractor validation and audit, and general internal and external audits management. The system is managed directly by Eurotranspharma’s Quality team. The centralisation of this information ensures that Eurotranspharma always has access to what is needed when responding to a client’s requests, whether it be for documentation, visibility of flows, or temperature reporting.

Reliable and Flexible Processes

In addition to our attention to clients’ needs, Eurotranspharma makes use of its experience and expertise to set up reliable and flexible processes for each client. As part of the Walden Group, Eurotranspharma comes from a pharmaceutical-centered culture and has robust procedures in place to document all processes and actions.

We consistently evaluate and re-evaluate our processes to make sure our operations function at maximum efficiency. Additionally, we are consistently audited by an external body to ensure our standards remain high.

GDP compliance

Maintaining product safety and quality during distribution is of utmost importance in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Good Distribution Practices, or GDP, is therefore Eurotranspharma’s first point of reference when it comes to quality. All Eurotranspharma staff receive GDP training. They understand the specific processes that apply to  healthcare products and the requirements for maintaining cold chain integrity.  Our vehicles are GDP compliant and fully qualified for pharmaceutical transport at +2°C/+8°C and +15°C/+25°C. They are also equipped with sophisticated instruments to enable temperature control at a distance. Our facilities are also mapped to ensure a stable temperature in all areas.

ISO 9001 Certification 

Being ISO 9001 certified, we commit to adapting our services to our clients’ needs while remaining compliant with local regulation, making sure that our processes are efficient, monitoring our clients’ satisfaction, and improving all aspects of our services when needed.

Continuous Improvement 

Eurotranspharma’s extensive documentation of our process also helps us continuously improve and evolve. When a non-conformity occurs while products are in our care, we rely on our tested processes to:

  • Identify the cause of the deviation
  • Evaluate the circumstances and risk level
  • Investigate the root issue
  • Analyse the investigation results
  • Create and implement a corrective action plan
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of said action plan

Finally, Eurotranspharma is a key member of the Walden Group’s Continuous Improvement program. The purpose of this program is to implement new management practices and better standardise workplace organisation across all Walden entities. Eurotranspharma therefore benefits from and contributes to the logistics expertise of the whole group.

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