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Domestic Distribution of Medicines

Temperature controlled transport you can count on

As a leading domestic healthcare distribution provider, we ensure secure and efficient temperature-controlled transportation of sensitive parcels to your local customers. All domestic pharmaceutical shipments are carried in compliance with Good Distribution Practices (GDP) standards and timetables. 

At Eurotranspharma, our domestic last mile logistics offer covers national temperature-controlled transport and delivery for all stakeholder’s needs in healthcare products (pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics equipment, vaccines, etc.). We can deliver the next day (D+1) anywhere in our direct network (some exceptions exist due to excess mileage). 

European Good Distribution Practices (GDP) network

Our network directly covers France, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, United Kingdom, Romania, and Germany. Any other country in Europe is connected via our International Partner Network.

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You can track your parcels independently via our Transport Management System



We handle 82,000 shipments per day across Europe



Our network is covered by our own fleet of 1600 trucks and vans

We manage the process

We deliver the finest standards of distribution through our own fleet of 1600 GDP compliant last mile dual-temperature trucks and vans. When choosing us, you can have peace of mind that your health products will be transported safely at controlled temperatures of 2-8°C or 15-25°C.

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End-to-End Traceability and Real-Time Monitoring:

We guarantee delivery transparency through our customized Secure Tracking System, which allows real-time parcel tracing and faster response to customer inquiries.

Real-time Temperature Monitoring by a Dedicated Control Tower

Our domestic healthcare logistics solution is equipped with integrated temperature control towers to survey each step of the transport process to guarantee the safety and integrity of your health products. For more insight into our monitoring capabilities, we invite you to read about our Control Tower system.

Quality Assurance

Scheduled internal and external audits are an integral part of our daily domestic healthcare distribution operations, affirming our unwavering commitment to strict compliance with industry standards and Good Distribution Practice (GDP) requirements. Our seasoned quality control team along with our cutting-edge quality management system (QMS) ensure up-to-date reporting on procedures, training, essential documentation, etc. 

Additionally, as part of our commitment to excellence, our dedicated teams are regularly trained in GDP to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your pharma goods. You can rely on us to handle the entire logistics process, so you can stay focused on your broader business goals. Visit our Quality Management page to learn more about our comprehensive quality assurance measures. 

We ensure last mile delivery to all types of healthcare consignees

We can deliver your healthcare supplies anywhere they are required. With an expert staff, we supply daily to numerous healthcare consignees. Our knowledge, experience, and dependable tools enable us to forge true partnerships with your end clients and address their unique needs. As always, the integrity of your health products is guaranteed from your warehouses to the end consignees by our active temperature-controlled vehicles. Thanks to onboard temperature monitoring and position tracking, we keep an eye on every package in real time. Visit our Control Tower Page to learn more.

Wholesalers – a matter of accuracy

Healthcare wholesalers operate under strict timelines and rigorous quality controls. From the warehouse to the wholesale facility, at Eurotranspharma we make sure that the your health products are secure, safe, and maintained at the proper temperature.Our wholesaler offer comprises delivery within strict timeframes or by appointment only. 

Direct to Pharmacy or Hospital delivery – your face to your clients

Our teams are trained to deliver healthcare and medical supplies to the final consignees, adapting to their constraints and the specifics of their organisation. We deliver to a range of facilities, including hospitals, doctor’s offices, laboratories, pharmacies, veterinary clinics, and more. Our unwavering commitment to our public health mission is at the core of our approach, recognizing that ultimately, there’s a patient at the end of the chain. 

Direct to Patient (DtP) delivery – the very last mile

The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving, introducing new therapies and treatments, increasing patient involvement, and delivering healthcare at home more and more frequently. We keep a close eye on market changes and are prepared to adjust our services to fit changing needs. To deliver healthcare products and medical supplies to patients safely in certain circumstances, we have developed a “Consignee Certification” process. We collaborate closely with manufacturers and health authorities to ensure the patient’s safety. To learn more, visit our Direct to Patient (DtP) Service Page.  

We customize our healthcare distribution service to your specific requirements.

Customised Appointment Scheduling

Tailoring delivery options to individual time demands based on customer needs. 

Fulfilling Customer Delivery Requests:

Shipping in alignment with customer-provided instructions and furnishing proof of delivery (PoD).  

Handling Special Delivery Instructions:

High accountability when it comes to delivering sensitive parcels with specific instructions. 

Product Returns and Off-Site Pickup (reverse):

Providing a flexible offsite facility for returning parcels and pallets with express service.  

Efficient Pallet Management:

We manage the collection of your pallets on a weekly or monthly basis.

More Eurotranspharma Services:

We also offer services such as freight forwarding, next-day delivery (D+1), last-mile multi-country distribution, urgent deliveries, and international healthcare distribution.

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