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Our Consignee Certification activities to suit specific needs

Over the past ten years, a trend toward homecare and direct-to-patient (DtP) delivery in last mile pharma logistics has been gradually gaining momentum. The development of this type of pharmaceutical delivery has been driven by many factors: active introduction of new technological innovations, changes in the regulatory landscape by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the transition to a more patient oriented model in healthcare, the active development of telemedicine, and especially due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the last-mile delivery in pharma, direct-to-patient activities offer various benefits.

These include convenience for consignees and patients, especially for those with special needs, the elderly, and ultimately participates in ensuring the continuity of their prescribed medication. It also contrubites to optimising the activities and time of healthcare facilities, as well as maintaining control of drug delivery by authorised healthcare professionals. Direct to patient remains a challenge and implies tailor made secured processes, validated by pharmacists to ensure patient’s safety. 

Patient (woman) receives the medicaments delivered by the ETP courrier

Direct-to-patient deliveries cannot be treated as other end-customers deliveries and in many countries they are not authorised by law and regulations. In certain cases, Eurotranspharma has been engaged in providing direct-to-patient delivery services, which was made possible by strong cooperation between the manufacturer, hospital pharmacies, health authorities and Eurotranspharma as a service provider.

Our dedicated teams handle hundreds of direct-to-patient (DtP) deliveries each week within our network, which include the delivery of medical devices, medical nutrients, TPNs, stallergens, and more. All our employees including over 1,200 drivers undergo planned training and retraining in Good Pharmaceutical Distribution Practices (GDP) to guarantee the highest level of safety and ovesight of medicine distribution processes.

At Eurotranspharma we guarantee traceability in the transport of products from laboratory, pharmacy or hospital to patient

As the largest European temperature controlled network dedicated to healthcare products with 54 agencies and hubs in Europe we strive to innovate and support the transition of the healthcare panorama. As an example we developed a Consignee certification process to answer to those specific direct to patient deliveries. Consignee Certification” is a hypercare process we developed whose objective is to guarantee and certify delivery to the right recipient on appointment.  

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What is Direct-to-Patient (DtP) in healthcare supply chain? 

It is the practice of transporting medicines and other healthcare products directly to patients’ homes, or to other locations of their choice, avoiding the necessity for them of a personal visit to a healthcare establishment.