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Eurotranspharma celebrates women in transport

According to the European Commission, only 22% of transport workers are women. At Eurotranspharma, we strongly believe in equal opportunity for all. This is why we asked 3 successful women in our organisation to share their experiences. Watch as Pascale Gardiole, a driver coordinator in the Paris area, Celien van de Velde, a driver in the Benelux region, and Sonia Guieu, an agency manager in the Lyon region, answer questions about their experience as women in the workplace.

“I would advise other women, if they wanted to do this job, to go for it,” said Ms. van de Velde.

“Go for it, jump in, don’t hesitate,” assured Ms. Gardiole. “Objective, determined, passionate, I think these are some of the key characteristics for working in the transport industry.”

“If some women are reluctant to enter because they think they will be facing discrimination from the teams, I would demonstrate to them that this is not at all the case,” stated Ms. Guieu. “On the contrary, the teams, whether they are men or women, will support them in their integration and their progression. If I have one piece of advice to give to a woman who wants to join, go for it! You have all the abilities and possibilities.”

Eurotranspharma is looking for talented women and men to join our adventure! Click the button below to learn more.

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About Eurotranspharma

Eurotranspharma is the leading European multi-country carrier 100% dedicated to healthcare products. In conformity with the GDP standards, Eurotranspharma delivers healthcare products in a temperature-controlled environment ( 2-8 °C / 15-25 °C ). Owing to its IT connected tools, Eurotranspharma provides top-quality last mile distribution with the full end-to-end traceability that healthcare products require. The company operates in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Luxemburg, the Czech Republic and Slovakia with a fleet of 800 vehicles and 2500 specially trained & committed staff.

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