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Eurotranspharma France has been making substantial strides in sustainable practices for last-mile healthcare transport. Between 2022 and 2023, their EcoVadis Score surged from 60 to 69, earning them the esteemed EcoVadis silver medal and positioning them among the top 10% of companies (92nd percentile) in their sector for CSR, sustainability, and ethical practices.

This score of 69 places the company just one point away from securing the coveted gold medal, and preparations are already in motion to achieve this milestone by 2024. Ghizlane Lahlal, Sustainability Manager for the Walden Group, Eurotranspharma’s parent organization, affirms, “We will continue our efforts to further improve our performance and respond to both our clients’ needs and the needs of the market.”

According to EcoVadis, Eurotranspharma’s strengths are underscored by its commitment to the United Nations Global Compact, quantitative objectives for energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and robust environmental and social policies. Tangible actions, including effective waste management, carbon emission reduction, and positive outcomes such as greenhouse gas emissions reporting, fortify its environmental performance.

This recognition from EcoVadis not only signifies the Eurotranspharma team’s outstanding achievements but also highlights their dedication to evolving corporate social responsibility standards. Looking forward, Eurotranspharma France remains resolute in its commitment to responsible last-mile pharmaceutical transport, ensuring both sustainability and positive social contributions.

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