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Eurotranspharma pursues its investment strategy in France with the opening of a new agency in Reims (51 -East of France)

Eurotranspharma, a 100% European transporter dedicated to the transport of temperature-controlled health products and a subsidiary of the EHDH group, is pursuing the development of his network. After the opening of Orléans (South Paris) and Lyon (South East) branches in 2017 and Nancy (East) in April 2018, a new distribution site opened in Reims on April 8, 2019. Eurotranspharma intends to respond to the health market expectation : the growth of 15/25 ° C controlled temperature , a B2C market at the beginning of its deployment (hospitalization at home, deliveries to patients) and increasingly stringent pharmaceutical standards being.

Network operational specialisation

This is a first phase in the operational specialisation of the Eurotranspharma network, which will continue with the overall overhaul of its logistics and the opening of new agencies to expand the capacity of its network.

As a first step , Eurotranspharma has begun redesigning Paris region and the activation of sorting at the postal code in order to assign the post codes to the agencies closest to the distributed sectors. The main issues are the improvement of the time-guaranteed deliveries and the reduction of the number of kilometers traveled to limit the carbon footprint.

During this phase it appeared that the sector of Reims (51 East) was too far from the site of Moussy-le -Neuf (77 North of Paris) and the Arras (North) site at maximum capacity could not absorb more volumes. We then decided to open a new Eurotranspharma agency in Reims in order to optimize time-guaranteed deliveries on the sector and strengthen the quality of services on the departments: 02 – 08 – 51 – 55 .

A strategic location and adapted site

The Reims agency is strategically located 2 minutes from the A34, 3 minutes from the national 244 and 10 minutes from the A4. Its location will allow the entire distribution of departments 51 and 08 and the partial distribution of departments 02 and 55

The site rehabilitated and fully secured, is located at 20 Rue Robert Fulton in Reims. The processing surface of 1500m2 perfectly suited to the distribution of temperature-controlled pharmaceutical products, will allow the optimisation of the processing operation of the constant increasing volumes. Equipped with 7 PL access doors, 7 VL doors, the site will handle an average of 1,200 parcels per day and 250 pallets.

About Eurotranspharma

Eurotranspharma is the leading European multi-country carrier 100% dedicated to healthcare products. In conformity with the GDP standards, Eurotranspharma delivers healthcare products in a temperature-controlled environment ( 2-8 °C / 15-25 °C ). Owing to its IT connected tools, Eurotranspharma provides top-quality last mile distribution with the full end-to-end traceability that healthcare products require. The company operates in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, the Czech Republic and Slovakia with a fleet of 800 vehicles and 1000 specially trained & committed staff.

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