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Eurotranspharma efficiently delivers over a million Fendigo’s BTV Vaccines in +2°C/+8°C

Eurotranspharma has successfully supported Fendigo, a leading animal health pharmaceutical company in the Benelux, in the swift distribution of over a million doses of the vaccine against the Blue Tongue Virus (BTV) in +2°C/+8°C temperature range, a significant concern for sheep and cow populations in the Benelux region.

The Distribution Challenge

Faced with a virus that has a mortality rate up to 70% in sheep and is spread by insects, the Dutch government authorised the BTV vaccine produced by Syva, a Spanish manufacturer, for emergency use from April 26, 2024. That same day, Eurotranspharma learned that their long-term partner Fendigo needed their help to do an emergency distribution of that vaccine, which would be arriving in their Sint Niklaas warehouse in Belgium within a week.

The challenge: to get as many doses as possible in a temperature-controlled environment (+2°C/+8°C) into the hands of veterinarians in Belgium and in the Netherlands before the weather conditions facilitated the insect spread of the disease among vulnerable sheep populations.


“We called Eurotranspharma because we knew that this is what they do best,” said Edwin Vanhees, Managing Director of Fendigo Benelux. “We’ve worked with them for over 14 years, and we trust them to do this kind of emergency delivery procedure.”

Logistical Excellence Amidst Urgency:

The distribution challenge was intensified by the national holiday, which resulted in the loss of a day, but Eurotranspharma had a backup plan; they called their sister company within the Walden Group, Transpharma International, to arrange an extra shuttle from Belgium to the Netherlands on a Saturday to ensure the volumes reached the Dutch market in time.

1 million doses were successfully delivered to veterinarians and wholesalers in the Netherlands in less than 48 hours. Within two weeks, the majority of the 2 million doses were successfully delivered.

“This was a critical operation for us,” Edwin Vanhees stated. “Eurotranspharma’s expertise and swift action played a pivotal role in ensuring that we could deliver the vaccines where they were needed most, in a timely manner.”

More Than Just a Delivery:

Eurotranspharma’s ability to manage urgent product launches for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, with access to wholesalers and the capability to replicate this success to pharmacies or hospitals, is a key component of the company’s service offer.

“Time was not on our side, and the volumes we needed to move were significant,” explained Wouter Troch, Key Account Manager at Eurotranspharma Benelux. “However, our team’s dedication and the robust systems we have in place ensured that we could meet the demand efficiently.”

A Broader Perspective on Health

The distribution effort by Eurotranspharma underscores the importance of animal health in the broader context of public health. The company’s commitment to ensuring the well-being of animals reflects a recognition of their significance to the ecosystem and human health.


Eurotranspharma’s successful management of the vaccine distribution for Fendigo highlights the company’s capability to handle urgent and large-scale pharmaceutical logistics, demonstrating a flexible and rapid approach that meets the critical needs of the market and contributes to the health and safety of animal populations.

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