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The EHDH group is getting closer to Eco Courses Optic, specialist in optical delivery.

The EHDH group, a European player offering value-added transport and logistics solutions for industry and a leader in healthcare, has recently got closer to Eco Courses Optic, a transport company dedicated to day and night optical deliveries.

This operation aims at strengthen the position of EHDH subsidiary CIBLEX acquired from GEODIS in 2014, in the optical transport by completing its offer with twice a day deliveries to opticians. With a portfolio of 3,000 clients in Europe, EHDH aims to accelerate its development in France and internationally.

“With this merger we aim at expanding our range of services to the optical industry. This new acquisition will be operated in three stages, thus registering in the long term, and in a central thread of the development of our group. Eco Courses Optic offers a real alternative in terms of transportation to the various players in the optical market by adopting an eco-friendly approach, including two-wheeled delivery in urban areas, “says Stéphane Baudry, President of EHDH.

The development of Eco Courses Optic and its integration within the EHDH group will be under the responsibility of Joris Verquere, Co-founder President of Eco Courses Optic and Alain Dauvergne, Director of Operations Ciblex France.

“The complementary nature of Eco Courses Optic and Ciblex, both in terms of expertise, networks and customer portfolios, makes it a value-creating operation for all stakeholders, which will make it possible to offer a wider range of services to customers of ophthalmic optics. “, said Joris Verquere, President of Eco Courses Optic.

About Eurotranspharma

Eurotranspharma is the leading European multi-country carrier 100% dedicated to healthcare products. In conformity with the GDP standards, Eurotranspharma delivers healthcare products in a temperature-controlled environment ( 2-8 °C / 15-25 °C ). Owing to its IT connected tools, Eurotranspharma provides top-quality last mile distribution with the full end-to-end traceability that healthcare products require. The company operates in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, the Czech Republic and Slovakia with a fleet of 800 vehicles and 1000 specially trained & committed staff.

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