About us

Eurotranspharma is an european leading carrier 100% dedicated to healthcare products.

Conforming to GDP standards, products and equipment reserved for human and veterinary consumption are transported at ambient or controlled temperatures ( 2-8 °C / 15-25 °C ). Eurotranspharma provides efficient and secure transport solutions for all clients’ individual needs.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

 Specialists in the pharmaceutical sector.

All our directors and managers come from a transport or pharmaceutical background enabling EUROTRANSPHARMA to provided a specialised competent service.

Stephane Baudry

Chairman-CEO and Company founder

Samuel Alouin Nouveau Directeur Général Eurotranspharma


General Director

David Zeitoun

Sales Director

Nathalie Elias

Administration and Finance Director



Operations Director

Benoit Seite

Benoit SEITE

Quality and Customer service Director

Nathalie De La Cotardière

Nathalie de la Cotardière

Humain Ressources Director

Company history

Company history

1959 : Creation of the transport branch Marc Lainé Laboratories, specialising in paharmaceutical distribution in the west of France.

1972 : Creation of TRANSLAB, the transport branch of CSP, France’s leading pharmaceutical depositary site, to ensure quality and service conforming to pharmaceutical industrial normes.

2004 : The transport branch of Marc Lainé Laboratories specialises in pharmaceutical transport.

2009 : Collaboration between TRANSLAB and Marc Lainé forming a network with controlled temperature +2°C/+8°C.

 2011 : 1st march; Creation of EUROTRANSPHARMA with the takeover of  TRANSLAB and Marc Lainé Laboratories.

 2011 : 10 may; Industrial agreement of cooperation, taking effect from the 1st june 2011  between the specialists paharmaceutical carriers EUROTRANSPHARMA and Trans-O-Flex Thermomed.

2011: 1st october; Takeover of Dufour Montargis, specialist in pharmaceutical transport at controled temperature based in the center of France.

March 2012 : Inauguration of ETP offices in Rennes for the ditribution in west France.

Avril 2012 : Foundations laid for the new Hub  ETP Paris.

June 2012 : Launching of the transport network at controlled temperature +15°C +25°C.

July 2012 : Foundations laid for the new regional offices in Bordeaux responsable for the distribution in the south west of France.

2013 : Construction and opening of ETP offices in Angers and Aix en Provence.

2014 : Construction and opening of ETP head office in Arras.

 2014 : 2nd september; Takeover of Ciblex from Geodis, specialising in express parcel delivery.

2015 : Launching of the extension for controled temperature 15-25°C at the hub ETP Paris.

2015 : Creation of SamLineHaul transport company.

2016 : Introduction of PDA into the ETP network.

2016 : Creation of Skandi Loc, vehicule hire company.

2017 : Takeover of CISO Transport which becomes Eurotranspharma Netherlands.

2020 : 19 Juin 2020, WALDEN Group (ex-EHDH) finalizes the acquisition of Movianto (ex-Owens et Minor Group); WALDEN becomes the leading pharmaceutical logistics and transport player in Europe.

Our values

Our values

EUROTRANSPHARMA was created with the aim to provide and optimize a quality service for public health.
Our work-force is acutely aware of their duty concerning public health missions offering the best solutions concerning price quality and delay.

In order to do this, EUROTRANSPHARMA was founded on strict values wich are the strength of our network :

The courage to innovate and undertake :
EUROTRANSPHARMA promotes expertise, creativity, commitment and corporate responsability in each individual. Our employees (considered as entrepreneurs) are constantly searching for ways to improve productivity and quality. They are able to create optimal intelligent logistic concepts for each of our customers.

Commitment and integrity :
Our employees are committed to high corporate values, honest and trustworthy in all interactions with staff and clients in the workplace.

Respect and global outlook :
Respect is the core value that drives us : respect for the individual, the patient and partners in our enviroment. EUROTRANSPHARMA strives to meet all commitments and consideration of others. It is for us to demonstrate interest towards tolerance of other life styles and cultures based on cooperation and trust.

The WALDEN Group

The WALDEN Group

Walden is the European leader in pharma distribution.



Expert in health care distribution

Transport network at controlled temperature at 2°/8° and 15°/25°,  ambiant temperature for heath care products.


CIBLEX Belgium

CIBLEX Holland

Expert in express distribution for 35 ans

Common network, aiming at niche market areas and high added value services.

Transports DUFOUR

SAM Linehaul

European network

At controlled temperature  : DUFOUR Transports
At ambiant temperature  : SAM Linehaul