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International network Eurotranspharma continues to expand its fleet powered by biofuels.

Over the last few years, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, Eurotranspharma has been laying the groundwork for a more sustainable service offer. After running a study in 2020 in partnership with Climact, a Belgian consulting firm focused on sustainable development, Eurotranspharma is working to expand its fleet of eco-friendly vehicles.

Starting in 2022, the last mile healthcare transport provider put into motion its plan to renew its fleet with trucks fueled by biogas. There are, as of March 2023, 14 Eurotranspharma biogas vans making daily deliveries in 8 cities within France, and more are on the way. 16 more vehicles have already been ordered for 2023, including 13 vans and 3 large trucks.

The trucks are powered by biogas, a renewable fuel created from organic matter. Specifically, the type of biogas used is bioCNG, also known as biomethane, which is a type of compressed natural gas that does not come from fossil fuels, but instead from the natural decomposition of waste materials, called methanisation. As it does not come from fossil fuels, overall the use of biomethane reduces emissions.

« We chose this type of biofuel because it is 100% renewable,” says Benoît Latteur, CEO of Eurotranspharma, “and we are focusing on using bioCNG that comes only from true waste materials, instead of crops grown specifically for that purpose. This is the most environmentally friendly option on the market today for long-distance transport.”

The new fleet of trucks is part of Eurotranspharma’s commitment to sustainability, and it is hoped that the initiative will have a positive impact on the environment, as well as improving the quality of life and health in city areas. « We consider ourselves a partner in public health, » said Mr. Latteur, « So doing our part to reduce pollution, especially in densely populated areas, is a priority for us. We are looking towards the future, and consider this investment an important step towards creating a more sustainable last mile healthcare delivery system in Europe. »

Eurotranspharma is not limiting itself to one solution, and is actively studying the possibility of investing in other green fuels. A project to invest in HVO (Bio Diesel – B100) vehicles is currently underway in the Netherlands as an alternative to fossil fuel. Eurotranspharma plans to move soon to a second stage of fleet renewal with electric vehicles for urban deliveries, and as a final stage, integrate hydrogen-powered vehicles once the technology becomes scalable.

About Eurotranspharma

Eurotranspharma is the leading European transport company 100% dedicated to healthcare products. In strict compliance with Good Distribution Practices (GDP), Eurotranspharma distributes health products at controlled temperatures (2-8°C / 15-25°C). Thanks to its connected IT tools, Eurotranspharma ensures the distribution of the last mile via a unique network in Europe and a control tower allowing complete traceability from end to end. The company operates on the European market through 48 transport platforms, 6 hubs, 1200 employees, 9 countries. Beyond its internal network, Eurotranspharma is a founding member of the first collaborative network dedicated to the transport of health products, Skandi Network, which connects 26 European countries on a daily basis.

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