Our French network

  • 56 Hubs and cross-docks
  • 200 Night hauls
  • 1100 Delivery tours
  • 1500 Contributors
  • 1200 vehicles

Our international network

Our network is Europes first carrier 100% dedicated to the treansport of healthcare products.

The network EUROTEMP-NETWORK covers 7 European countries including 65 agencies and 8 hubs all computer driven, enabling us to clear these territories with a minimal delay. There are noless thean 1950 vehicles covering 7 countries at our clients disposal.

To reply to the pharmaceutical industrys strict requirements, we have developed a transport dedicated to public health :

  • Transport network at controlled temperatures 2-8°C  et 15-25°C
  • Transport network at ambiant temperature

To maintain the best service possible, the entire fleet is equipped with a remote navigation system witch allows us to track the vehicle, insuring controlled temperatures guaranting to adehre to every condition stipulated in you service order. All this information is collected in real time by our customer service, and immediatly available on aour extranet platform.