Traceability of vehicles and monitoring device at depots

Pharmaceuticals are fragile, of high value or dangerous and require special attention at all times. Our vehicles are equipped with traceability monitoring and efficient safety devices allowing us to track your shipment in real time from pick up to drop off.

TAPA Certification

EUROTRANSPHARMA entire network is equiped with safety measures aimed to improve cargo security. This recent innovation is company policie to obtain TAPA certification witch will allow us to confirm the safety level in our organisation.
An example of this is at ETP hub in Paris where in 2016 we installed a burglar alarm system, a high performance acces control to the depot and the positioning of 36 surveillance cameras.

Transport of sensitive products

We have trained staff and the logistic capacity to transport sensitive products.
Our vehicles are equiped with high performance safety devices and our staff also specally trained in the handling and transport of these products. At the doc passage, sensitive products are put in a cage protected by infrared cameras and restricted badge access ( with access historical recording ).