Our sustainable development policy is the result of a long-term commitment, which makes sense only if it is followed and regularly adjusted. That is why we constantly set goals for continuous improvement of our quality service in reduction of paper, fuel consumption, and CO2 emissions.
As part of the Walden Group, we are now a member of the UN Global compact to reduce our social and environmental impact.
Here are our 4 work areas with goals to reach over the span of 3 years:

Fuel economy

All our vehicles are equipped with eco-electronic surveillance designed to get to know our drivers’ habits on the road.

Driver behavior

All drivers are trained within the guidelines of GDP. Each agency has a nominated driving instructor responsible for the training of the other drivers in ecological driving practices.

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We aim to equip our vehicles with multi-temperature facilities in order to optimize delivery and number of rotations.


We have compared the efficiency between manual or automatic gearbox and selected the most ecological compromise. We also do a regular renewal of the fleet (90% of EURO5 vehicles, 8% to Euro 6 vehicles, 2% EURO4 vehicles)
We also highly invest in scrupulous monitoring of vehicle maintenance to avoid over-consumption and accidents.