Our company policy is to place each employee in a structure priviliging their individual skills and competence :

  • Personal qualities, confidence and trust.
  • Equal opportunities and diversity. Our recruitment is open to all candidates, regardless of gender, disability, education, origin or culture.
  • Internal mobility, which enables each of our employees to form and evolve continuously within the Group, changing job, career.
  • Fairness through an individualized compensation scheme, social coverage and an advanced employee shareholding policy.
  • Responsable ethics in safety and respect for others are primary concerns in supporting our workforce throughout their careers.
  • Developing skills by giving everyone the means and tools to improve performance and increase his knowledge.



Agency Manager

His principal function is to report to the operations manager and the regional director for all deliverys and distribution services at his agency. Applying routing and coordination skills defined in his job description issued by the President and the CEO.

His responsabilites are broad and wide ranging administred with a high degree of professionalism in the following : staff management, returning and routing documents, collecting feedback, billing operations and maintaining and monitoring the agencys activites.

The agency manager insure the agency profitability and safety of all personal in the work place.

The branch manager role is highly autonomous, organising staff, taking decisions and regulary reporting back to his superiors.


Freight Manager

Reports to the agency manager or his deputy, he is responsable for parcel packaging and distribution in according to routing requirements. He is responsable for opening the agency and verifying the computer systems function.

He guarantees all distribution activites : optimizing routing plans, checking the loading and distribute driver assignements. He insures loading procedures, delivery procedures and pickup details.

The freith manager is an essential link betweem himself and his superior in his role  as someone who can act on his own initiative to solve both internal and external difficulties.

The freight manager is responsable for the vehicules cleanliness et his workspace.


Dock Chief

He is a team leader responsible for animating his crew for the smooth running of the freight and parcel flow. He insures a liaison between parcel quotas, feedback to his superiors and logistical needs of his site.
He is responsible for vehicule loading prioritarising laboratory needs with regard to temperature controls and the timing of departure from the depot to the given destination.
The dock chief guarantees to uphold company guidelines concerning loading, internal functions, security and cleanliness in the workplace.


Driver ( HGV or SHGV )

A driver his attached to the freight manager assuming total autonomy during his assignement. Ultimately responsable for parcel and pallet accounting; the verification of receipts ( and duplicates ) noting all documents co-inside with the clients original routing requirements of pickup and dropoff procedures.

The driver supervises the loading and unloading of his vehicule; the delivery and pickup; vigilant at all times observing the rules and regulations concerning his assignement.

The driver is reponsable for maintaining his vehicle in good order  ( verification of liquids ) and cleanliness, and the relevent paperwork ie technical controls.